Stop the Made in America Tax

Every day, millions of Americans use craft supplies and fabrics, such as cotton and fleece, to create handmade products right here in the United States.

Under a series of proposed tariffs, the price of commonly-used craft supplies and fabrics could increase by as much as 25%, unintentionally putting a tax on products “Made in America.”

The Made in America Tax will hurt churches and charitable organizations who rely on craft supplies to create blankets and quilts for veterans, the hospitalized and the homeless.

The tariffs will also inadvertently hit small business owners who use these craft supplies and fabrics to make their own products, as well as everyday American consumers who have a passion to create.

While we fully support all tools necessary to maintain fair trade between the U.S. and its international trading partners, we do not believe craft goods used to create products "Made in America" should be subjected to tariffs.

Sign the petition today to tell USTR and Congress to exempt craft supplies and fabrics from proposed section 301 tariffs.

Take Action: Tell Congress and the Administration to exempt fabrics and craft supplies from the proposed section 301 tariffs.